Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Port Stanley
Ship HotelThe churchVictory GreenWinter
WaterfrontHousingThe town Waterfront
Ship HotelFalkland Island Co.WaterfrontWaterfront
The harbourGovernment buildingGovernment buildingGovernment building
The town WaterfrontThe harbourThe harbour
FenniaDismasted shipShip's crewShip's crew
Landing stageMilitary funeralTroopsMemorial service
Falkland Islands 1969 - 1970
Government HouseThe GovenorQueen's birthdayQueen's birthday
CathedralF.I.Co managerStanleyRC Church
Ross RoadWest StoreWest StoreSecretariat
Local produce showKelper StoreKelper StoreRadio operator
War memorialWar memorialPolice forceLighthouse
The ShipUpland GooseOn the docksideOff the road
DarwinDarwinStone RunStone Run
Goose GreenGoose GreenShearing shed Shorn sheep
Sheep dipping Ajax BaySchool teacherSchoolroom
Stacking peatCarting peat Port LouisPort Louis
A gravePort LouisSealer's GraveKelp
West FalklandRoy CoveRoy CoveSid Miller
Sid MillerSports DaySports DaySports Day
Devil's NoseSilvery sea3 men in a boatIsland boat
Carcass IslandCarcass IslandKitty & Cecil BertrandKitty & Cecil Bertrand
MilkingMending fencesGuarding the flockSheep shed
Spinning woolSpinning woolOffloading suppliesRoddy Napier
Westpoint islandWestpoint islandLily NapierNapier home
Jim PeckPebble StationPebble StationDiddle Dee
Jim Kerr Beaver aircraftBeaver aircraftBeaver aircraft
more SS Great BritainSRN6 HovercraftRMS DarwinMV AES
MV AESRRS John BiscoeRRS ShackletonHMS Endurance
MV Perla DanLady ElizabethLady ElizabethJellum
Falkland Islands Today
Government House
SchoolWar MemorialCathedral
TouristsStanleySan Carlos waterSea Lion island
Stone runBoxer BridgeNorth Camp RoadMt William
Volunteer PointGoose GreenDarwinRoad to Port San Carlos
San CarlosSan CarlosSan Carlos bayDiddle Dee
East FalklandPebble Island Pebble IslandWest Point island
Carcass IslandCarcass IslandCarcass IslandCarcass Island
Sea cabbageThe ConcordSheep farmingSheep farming
Sheep farmingSheep farming Weddell IsSheep farmingSheep farming
Sheep farmingSheep farmingLittle ChartresPort Howard
Port HowardPort HowardPort HowardSaunders Island
Saunders IslandPort Egmont, Saunders IsHill CovePort Stephens
West Falkland mountainsSapper Hill memorialSapper Hill memorialBull Hill memorial
Darwin cemeteryDarwin cemeteryMalvinas memorialMemorial Wood
Memorial WoodLandminesChinook jet debrisMirage jet debris
Stanley harbourThe Lady ElizabethThe JhelumGovernment Air Service
Falkland Islands Wildlife
Greater Redbreasted Meadowlark Black Oystercatcher Flightless Steamer DuckDominican Gulls
Dominican GullsUpland GeeseKelp GooseKelp Goose
Black-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed Albatross
Black-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed AlbatrossPale-faced Sheathbill
Black-crowned Night heronBlack-crowned Night heronForster's CaracaraKing Cormorants
King CormorantsKing CormorantsKing CormorantsKing Cormorants
King CormorantsKing CormorantsSkua & CormorantKing Penguins
King Penguins King Penguins King Penguins King Penguins
King Penguins Magellanic Penguins Magellanic Penguins Gentoo Penguin
Gentoo PenguinsGentoo PenguinsGentoo PenguinsGentoo Penguins
Rockhopper PenguinsRockhopper PenguinsRockhopper PenguinsElephant seals
Seal wallowSeal wallowSeal wallowSouthern sea lions
Southern sea lionsSouthern sea lionsElephant sealCommersons' Dolphin

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