University of Bristol Trans-Continental Expedition 1960 — 61

published 3 August 1960

Two Austin Gipsies to stand in State

Two Austin Gipsies (the British version of the American Jeep) will stand in state outside Bristol's Council House next Wednesday morning.

They will carry the six members of Bristol University Expeditions Society on their planned 30,000-mile, 16-month Trans-Continental Expedition 1960-61.

And the expedition team will get a civic send-off from the city's Lord Mayor, Ald. Hugh Jenkins. The six will take with them official greetings to cities in India, Bolivia, Panama, the U.S. and Canada.

The Lord Mayor's goodwill message reads

"It was with very great pleasure that I learned of the Trans-Continental Expedition, 1960-61, and of the very extensive nature of the route which has been chosen."

Spirit lives

"It is nothing new for Bristol to be the base from which expeditions of discovery have ventured forth over the ages, but it is heartening to find that this spirit of adventure is far from dead in this modern era.

"The young men who will carry the name of the city and University of Bristol over the world will bear with them the goodwill of all the citizens of this ancient city, and their best wishes for a most successful and rewarding journey."

The expedition will do field work in Southern India and Bolivia, filming as they go. They carry an administrative leader, geographer, economist (business manager), film director, cine cameraman and sound technician and medical officer.

The trip will take the six overland to India, by sea to South America, up through South and Central America to North America and home across the North Atlantic.

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