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My Wrayflex World- A new four part series of Tony Morrison's journey around the world with a British made Wrayflex camera in 1960-61

Amritsar, India The stunning Golden Temple of the Sikhs - October 10th 1960

Also see the story in Nonesuch News --- Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other as Tony Morrison retraces some his early steps with the University of Bristol Trans-Continental Expedition 1960-61

Margaret Mee and the Amazon Moonflower.

The story

It is sixty years since Margaret made her first Amazon journey and twenty-eight since she died in a road accident in England

We bring you the story of her life and some never seen before photos.

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Key Mee Moonflower

South American Pictures
The South American Pictures archive created by Marion Morrison in 1975, was based on photos taken by Tony following his first visit to Peru and Bolivia in 1961
Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 3,812 metres
Aymara boatman on totora reed bundle raft. In the background, the Cordillera Real of the Bolivian Andes with peaks rising to over 6000 metres
Fifty Years Ago READ Nonesuch News - Marion took our filming gear to Peru on MV Ares. Seventeen pieces of luggage. Our Land Rover went on another ship

Tony Morrison and the late Mark Howell, founders of Nonesuch Expeditions in the deserts of the southern Bolivian Andes - Steps to a Fortune 1964

Why Bolivia? Tony and Marion Morrison look back to their fifty years of travel in Bolivia and in this opening story they remember Alfredo La Placa an artist and Franz Ressel, a cancer specialist
My first effort with colour film Tony Morrison recalls a day early in the summer of 1954 with some Dufaycolor the creation of a French inventor in 1908 The film here was from the end of the line
The Nonesuch Flower This brilliant flower The Campion of Constantinople was carried from the Mediterranean to Bristol many centuries ago.
Return to the Silk Road Tony Morrison looks back on two early journeys in search of the treasures of the Silk Road
The Fox that Came to Stay This baby desert fox led an extraordinary life. Tony Morrison was given the fox by a desert Bedouin and he passed it to Kim Philby a master spy
The Railway Wrecked by Lawrence The story covers the search for the wreckage of the original Hijaz railway. In the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia
The Last Supper in an 18th century painting on the walls of a church in San Antonio de Lipez, a time-capsule lost in an Andean wilderness.
Dracula's incredible castles Were these castles in Transylvania the setting for the horror story about Count Dracula - fact or fiction?
Lost in the Danube Throughout 1971 the Danube rose behind a dam between Romania and Serbia (then Yugoslavia)
Lake Titicaca Steamships a small fleet of iron-built steamers served ports on Lake Titicaca in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
Nicholas Asheshov Marion Morrison interviews Nick Asheshov witer and explorer extraordinaire who has spent much of his life in Peru.
The New Amazonia This looks at the rapidly changing land and people across the Amazon
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