In 1970 Tony and Marion Morrison helped to save Brunel's Great Britain

The Steamship Great Britain A brief look at the old ship, the icon of Victorian maritime engineering and now a Number One visitor attraction in Bristol, England. The steamship Great Britain was the brainchild of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
Saving the Great Britain Book 2012 The story of the epic salvage operation in 1970. Told by the only media team on the spot. The book was not published until 2012.
From Slaves to Sleepers The Dark Saga Behind the SS Great Britain This man Captain Christopher Claxton RN was the 'fixer' behind the scenes and a great friend of Brunel. But his family were wealthy from slavery and Claxton's connections found the finance for the project.
The Great Britain in Sparrow Cove 1969 By 1886 the Great Britain was no longer powered by steam and relied on sail. The ship arrived in the Falkland Islands / Malvinas in 1886 after being disabled in a storm. By 1969 the hulk beached in a small cove was no more than a shell and little remained of Brunel's dream.
Bringing Home the Great Britain 1970 Marion Morrison wrote a cover feature story for the Observer, the world's oldest Sunday newspaper. This was the first colour story of the salvage.
The Great Britain - the salvage This is a brief account of the salvage with thumbnail pictures and details of the men responsible for the achievement.
Saving the Great Britain Video 1970 A short film with unique 8mm movie film footage shot by Noeline Sloggie a Falkland islander.
The Great Britain - the salvage in colour Photographs from the South American Pictures SS Great Britain Collection
The Great Britain - the salvage in black and white Photographs from the South American Pictures SS Great Britain Collection
The HMS Exeter Connection Leslie 'Spike' O'Neill who masterminded the patching of the old hull and was responsible for the re-floating in 1970 was a Chief Petty Officer RN. Spike had been on HMS Exeter at the WWll Battle of the River Plate
The Titanic Connection Captain Henry Stap was the last captain of the Great Britain. Stap's daughter Agnes who had been born at sea on one of his many voyages, took to a life on ships. Agnes was one of the crew of the Titanic and one of the few survivors of the unforgettable disaster.
Ewan Corlett Champion of the SS Great Britain Ewan Corlett a naval architect from the Isle of Man realised the historic value of Brunels iron steamship and promoted the idea of the salvage.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel 200 years and the SS Great Britain This story was a short appeciation from Nonesuch in April 2006, 200 years after Brunel's birth

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