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THE LOST DANUBE The story of a Cold War journey in 1966 before the Danube rose 33m behind the Iron Gate1 dam and many historic treasures were lost
THE FOX THAT CAME TO STAY The life of a small desert fox in the Beirut home of Kim Philby, a mega spy of the 1960s
THE ORIGINAL HEJAZ RAILWAY A journey to the desert railway blown-up by Lawrence of Arabia in 1918. The experience comes from 1962 when the track and twisted remains were still visble
DRACULA'S INCREDIBLE CASTLES The Dracula story runs and runs but which of several extraorinary castles was home for the infamous Count?
THE LAST SUPPER a relic in a thatched church in San Antonio de Lipez a time capsule in the Andean wilderness - that was in 1963. Now the church and the painting have gone.
AMAZONIA, THE DECADES OF DESTRUCTION Photos from the beginning of the Great Amazon forest clearance in the 1980s and early 1990s
THE NEW AMAZONIA —A FORETASTE OF THE FUTURE devoted to the changing face of Amazonia
TREVOR STEPHENSON A lifetime in South America and many years on the Amazon river. Follow Trevor's story - episode by episode
AN AWARD FOR THE YAVARI a Victorian iron ship surviving on Lake Titicaca - the roof of the world. Once a forgotten hulk and now partly restored the Yavari is a museum where you can stay overnight
THE LAKE TITICACA STEAM-SHIPS The historic fleet of five small ships that once connected ports in Peru and Bolivia. Some unique pictures from Tony Morrison's numerous lake crossings

VILCABAMBA A series of reports,feature stories, photos and video clips covering this legendary Peruvian mountain range

Plus one of the earliest TV films of Machu Picchu

NICHOLAS ASHESHOV Writer and journalist Asheshov has lived in South America for most of his working life. Here Marion Morrison a long-time friend talks to him about Machu Picchu and other stories
THE NONESUCH, THE FLOWER OF BRISTOL This striking flower is the City's emblem - Lychnis chalcedonica with a long history of enterprise and exploration
THE ROYAL VISIT 1958 In December 1958 Queen Elizabeth ll visited the University of Bristol, England to open a new Engineering Department. These pictures are some of Tony Morrison's first of a news event.
TONY MORRISON PHOTOGRAPHY IN 1958 - How a lifetime's work in photogaphy film-making and writing began at the University of Bristol
THE PONGO DE MAINIQUE A journey by balsa raft and rubber boat through one of the most notorious river canyons in the Peruvian Andes for a BBC film and a book - before it became famous with the classic film Fitzcarraldo
THE THETIS GALE An account of the Falkland Island's [Malvinas] most famous storm - a recording made with Cecil Bertrand and Jim Peck, both 'islanders' in 1969 - part of the Audio Collection. Cecil and Jim died many years ago
IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE DINOSAURS In a quarry near the small city of Sucre in Bolivia a near perfect sequence of dinosaur prints stretches skywards
MUSIC OF THE MISSIONS Since music student Imogen Hares went to the 17th century Mission churches of Chiquitana, the Festival of Baroque Music has become an International event. This is one of our earliest feature stories

TSCHIFFELY IN PATAGONIA Aimé Tschiffely is perhaps best known for his long ride with two horses from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Washington DC

But Tschiffely made another journey - this one from Buenos Aires to Patagonia was told and retold in countless lectures with these original 'lantern slides'

PRINCESS OF THE GLORIETA A fantasy palace and a fabled princess in the wilds of the Bolivian Andes? You must be joking. But here is the story and perhaps the oldest feature page on this site
THE BOLIVIAN ATLANTIS Back in 1997 The Times, London carried a story about the discovery of an Atlantis in Bolivia - this feature from that time looks at the possibility - Was it fact or fiction?


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