University of Bristol Trans-Continental Expedition 1960-61
This is a shortened table of events. Many hundreds of people were involved in preparing the welcome for which all the members of the 1960 University of Bristol team give immense thanks to D.N Jadhav and the members of a Steering Committee who were responsible for the arrangements. The Pusegaon Archive will contain an account of their work, and help given by enthusiastic students at local colleges. Here special mention is given to.Principal Vasanrao K.Wagh, Shri Madhavraro K.Wagh, Shri Balasaheb S.Jadhav and Shri Suresh D. Jadhav. The welcome for the Bristol guests was overwhelming. Thanks must also be given to the Gram Panchayat and all the help given The souvenir programme explains how the idea of the Reunion 2000 began, the history of the Pusegaon Sanctuary of Sevagiri , the Sevagiri Devashtan Trust and the Pusegaon village annual fair.

When complete The Pusegaon Archive will contain pages from the programme together with a list of the contributing individuals, businesses and organisations, the Gram Pancyat , the villagers of Pusegaon and Dr. Shri P.L.Bhupal, Sarpanch.

Excerpts from the programme

23rd November Meeting and prayers at the Temple (Samadhi), Sevagiri Maharaj, Pusegaon. The floor was decorated with an immense six tiered rangoli of coloured sand.
23rd November After prayers and greetings in the Temple the six visitors were welcomed at the Narayangiri Hall by members of the Gram Panchayat and the Steering Committee

23rd November


Sevagiri High School....Since 1960 the school has expanded with many new buildings and the fields that at one time reached the school door have been levelled to a large earthen square surrounded by trees. The team and their wives were presented with gifts and three hours of songs and regional dances by the students
24th November Koregaon is on the road between Satara and Pusegaon. In 1960 it was a small though important village and the Bristol team were given lodging in the Government Rest House [Bungalow]. The team was greeted by members of the Gram Panchayat. Gifts of coconuts and shawls gave a spiritual message to the reunion.
24th November In 1960 when not lodging in Koregaon the team stayed in Aundh, in those days about two hours by four wheel drive to the south of Pusegaon. Aundh though small was the capital of one of the Princely States and the Archive will have separate pages covering the ornate temples and the extraordinary Aundh museum. The photo (right) shows the visitors in the Yamai temple.which was part of a nostalgic tour organised by members of the Gram Panchayat.
24th November In 1960 the late Rajah of Aundh took a keen interest in the team's activities. In return, Don the medical officer offered advice for the family and the village. During the Reunion, the Rajah's daughter-in-law, now H.E Rani Sahiba of Aundh, was present at the high school celebrations. She later invited the guests for tea in her palace.
24th November The day was action packed and fortunately paved roads between the villages, now small towns, cut the journeys to less than an hour . The evening was spent at the home of Dhananjay Jadhav and his wife Sheela. Before the welcome dinner Sheela (second from right) presented Vera Yee, Marion Morrison and Gwen Tutt with sarees and other gifts creating an amazing transformation.


25th NovemberAlthough Pusegaon has grown to be the centre for trade between local towns, it depends heavily on agriculture. In 1960 the Bristol team recorded aspects of the simple methods of farming. Forty years later and the improvements are astounding. Here Shri.Madhavrao K.Wagh is talking with Marion Morrison about new crops such as ginger and ground-nuts. The archive will have a page devoted to past agriculture and more about present day work.
25th November The Deccan has always been subject to severe droughts. Pusegaon, although it was in the valley of the Yerala river, had its share of suffering. In 1876/77 a severe famine was the stimulus for building an earth dam to hold the water for irrigation. The Nher tank is 3kms (1.85 miles) from Pusegaon. 
25th NovemberThree hundred farmers and villagers provided a traditionl lunch for the visitors in the Wedding Hall, Pusegaon. This event was truly memorable for the delicacy of the largely vegetarian food. The preparation had taken weeks and the skill of many hands.
25th NovemberFollowing the meal the visitors were taken to the Shri. Hanunmangiri High School for a "Farewell" ceremony by the members of the Gram Panchayat, the Steering Committee, local colleges and schools. Honorary Citizenships were conferred on the six guests and the street where the Bristol team had stayed in 1960 was named "Bristol Road" Peter Krinks, Roger Tutt and Tony Morrison were honoured with ceremonial phetas (turbans) and traditional gifts, while Gwen Vera and Marion wore their lovely sarees. ...In everyone's mind it was not 'farewell', but the 'end of the beginning'.


25th NovemberSatara the regional centre where the visitors stayed was the final destination at the end of a momentous day. Shri R. E Pawar Superintendent of Police in Satara and his wife hosted a last dinner to which numerous representatives of local industry and education were invited. Though almost an hour apart along a paved road, Pusegaon and Satara have close contact. The Archive will contain a page about Satara.


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